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President of Niger released Boko Haram terrorists


On Friday evening, President Mohamed Bazoum announced the liberation of Boko Haram terrorists. Bazoum said that he made this decision to maintain peace in the country.

President Bazoum admitted that they released eight people affiliated with one of the terrorist groups present in the country during the last three months. He said that he didn’t want to shy away from any means for peace.

According to the 20 Minutes French news agency, the president aims to protect those young people involved in terrorism against their will. 

There are two parts of the country where terrorism is extremely present:

The southeastern part, near the border with Nigeria, where Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorise the people, and the western region, where ISIS and Al-Quaeda are the most active terror groups.

These organisations involve many young people, most of them against their will. Since he came to power in 2021, President Bazoum has worked to help these young men.

“Since I came to power, I have been asking myself: who are these many young people in the terrorist organisations? What do they want? I decided to care about them. I reached out to their biological parents”, he said. According to him, it was a good move because jihadist attacks have been decreased in the past months, especially in the southeastern part of the country.

At the same time, more than ten thousand soldiers are fighting against terrorism around the country. The president highlighted that they need the help of Europe and America to abolish terrorism in the nation.

Photo: Mohamed Bazoum, president of Niger. Source: Facebook

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