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Church leaders arrested in South Sudan

On February 27th, two church leaders from the Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) were arrested, a week after Muslim extremists demanded the church’s closure.


One of the arrested leaders, Dalman Hassan, told Morning Star News that the Christians were blamed for “hostility towards Islam,” because they held services on the Muslim day of mosque prayer.

“They cause chaos and disrespect others’ religion,” read one of the charges against the church presented to officials, Hassan told Morning Star.

Another church member, Kotti Hassan Dalman, informed the news source that the extremists made several other accusations. “The hardline Muslims also charged the church with providing food to children to win them to Christianity and with taking their land for the worship building,” he said.

In response, members of the church stated that the land was originally owned by the Catholic church, and that the false accusations were made due to the extremists’ dislike of Christianity. Thankfully, both arrested Christians were released less than 24 hours after their arrest.


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