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USCRIF is increasingly concerned over attacks on Christians in Sudan

The ongoing violence has led to an estimated death toll surpassing 13,000.

Christian refugee mother beaten in Sudan

A Muslim husband attacked and badly beat his Christian wife in a refugee camp

Catholic church was destroyed in Mozambique

Pope Francis prays for Mozambique and Sudan to end the senseless violence. 

Islamists killed an Evangelical Church member in Sudan

At least five church buildings have been set ablaze in Sudan in the last weeks.

A Christian Sudanese family fled persecution to the US

ADF International represented the parents in the Sudanese courts.

Coptic monastery attacked and occupied in Sudan

Hundreds of civilians have been killed in the last years as a result of local conflicts.

Desperate community asks Christian Salesian Sisters to stay in war-struck Sudan

The house of the Christian Salesian Sisters has been recently bombed in war-torn Sudan

Testimony of a Christian freedom activist, who had been sentenced to death

Mariam Ibraheem shared her ordeal of being sentenced to death for her Christian faith whilst she was pregnant.

Sudanese Christians are at peril amid civil war

Nearly 180,000 IDPs have tried to flee the violence.

Anguish continues in Sudan after a 24-hour ceasefire expires

Rape survivors in Sudan are unable to access vital medication as a result of resumed conflict