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Testimony of a Christian freedom activist, who had been sentenced to death

Mariam Ibraheem shared her ordeal of being sentenced to death for her Christian faith whilst she was pregnant.

Sudanese Christians are at peril amid civil war

Nearly 180,000 IDPs have tried to flee the violence.

Anguish continues in Sudan after a 24-hour ceasefire expires

Rape survivors in Sudan are unable to access vital medication as a result of resumed conflict

Gunmen Attack Sudan Churches As Conflict Escalates

After the church attacks the conflict in Sudan rapidly escalates.

Hopes of local Christians crushed in Sudan conflict

Violence in Sudan means human rights of local Christians will be defeated

A Christian leader fled kidnapping in Sudan

Christians in Sudan, and Darfur in particular, are increasingly experiencing persecution from Muslim extremists.

Sudanese police arrest two Christians leaders during church Bible study

Charged with violating public order under Article 77 of Sudan’s penal code, they were released on bail the same day.

Sudanese pastor sentenced to a month in jail

Pastor Estefanos’ lawyer, Shanabo Awad, told news sources, “This ruling is not fair and my client is innocent.”

A church has been attacked by extremists in Sudan

The court hearing was scheduled for April 14, but the police offer who lodged the complaint did not attend.

Church leaders arrested in South Sudan

In August 2021, two nuns were shot dead in cold blood by jihadists while driving along South Sudan’s Juba-Nimule highway.