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Over 100 Christian college students imprisoned in Eritrea

Earlier this month, Eritrean police raided a group of Christian college students who had gathered to worship and record videos for social media.


Release International reported that 103 Christians were arrested in the crackdown. The raid took place in the capital, Asmara, and those arrested were taken to the Mai Serwa prison.

There are now over 500 Christian prisoners detained indefinitely without trial in Eritrea. The jail where the students were taken, Mai Serwa, is known for its harsh conditions, overcrowding, and poor treatment of inmates.

Eritrea has long operated as a pariah state for its blatant disregard for human rights. Though it occasionally releases prisoners of conscience, it is notorious for keeping many Christians and other religious minority groups in abysmal conditions. Survivors of Eritrea’s several prison camps report the worst abuse imaginable, including severe torture and inhumane living conditions.


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