Tag: imprisoned Christians

Christian convert faces five years in prison

An Iranian man who converted to Christianity was sentenced to five years in prison over alleged security concerns.

Religious freedom advocates urge Egypt to release imprisoned Christians

Two Christian men have been detained for years without a proper trial for assisting conversion to Christianity

International community prompted to act after church leader's death in prison

Following the death of a prominent church leader in an Eritrean prison international organisations are urged to act

Growing concerns about Christian journalist's whereabouts

Christian journalist Zhang Zhan, jailed for reporting on Covid in Wuhan, has made no contact with outside world

Christian father imprisoned despite another boy's confession

A 34-year-old Christian man is still imprisoned for false blasphemy charges, even though a youth has confessed to the act.

A Nepalese pastor faces one year in prison for alleged forced conversions

Local pastor from Nepal has been rejected an appeal and faces imprisonment

Religious persecution continues in Nicaragua

Christians continue to be silenced and imprisoned for their faith in Nicaragua

Iranian Christian convert pardoned after six years in prison

A Christian convert forced into internal exile after six years in prison has been pardoned

Pastors imprisoned, churches closed in India

Hindu extremists jail pastors, close churches in India

Christian prisoners receive presidential pardon in Algeria

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced a decree to release 8000 prisoners, some of whom were Christians.