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International community prompted to act after church leader's death in prison

Following the death of a prominent church leader in an Eritrean prison international organisations are urged to act

Christians suffer in Africa’s so-called “North Korea” prisons

An estimated 500 Christian prisoners of faith suffer inhumane conditions in Eritrea

Two persecuted Christians in Eritrea jailed for 19 years

Two believers—labeled “traitors” by the Eritrean government—and detaining them in inhumane desert camps.

Burial denied for deceased pastor in Eritrea

A pastor's family was forbidden to bury him in their home town.

Over 100 Christian college students imprisoned in Eritrea

In 2021, the European Union sanctioned Eritrea for its “serious human rights violations".

Irish government calls out Eritrea for arbitrary imprisonment of Christians

Ireland has made statements concerning Eritrea to the UN Human Rights Council twice this year.

Elderly Eritrean pastors continue to suffer in prison

“Individuals who are arrested for religious reasons are systematically subjected to ill-treatment and torture,” the OHCR said.

Elderly pastors imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea

Ruled by a military dictatorship, Eritrea has an estimated 500 Christian prisoners of faith.

78 priests massacred by troops headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The Nobel Prize committee refuses to revoke Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize despite accusations of ethnic cleansing.

The tragic fate of Eritrean Christian

UN agencies estimate that hundreds of thousands of Eritreans have fled the country to Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt in recent years.