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Muslim basketball player to hold speech on March for the Martyrs in Washington

The 30-year-old seems more determined than ever to work in defense of human rights.

Kidnapped Christian nun released in Burkina Faso

She was released after five months in captivity.

A church was set on fire in Canada

A Catholic church was completely destroyed in an arson attack in Albertina, Canada.

Pro abortionists targeted Ohio Right to Life offices with rocks and spray paint

The group's executive director says pro-lifers will not give up protecting women and babies.

Catholic bookstore deliberately set on fire in Houston, Texas

The incident happened shortly after the US Supreme Court ruling on abortion.

Catholic school in Ohio damaged in suspected arson

The Thursday fired caused a damage of 1 million dollar.

Less Americans believe in God than ever before

Belief in God among U.S. adults has reached a new low, according to Gallup poll results released Friday.