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Write letters to Colombian Christian children to support them

Christian children in Colombia face numerous challenges. Open Doors launched an initiative inviting their readers to write letters of encouragement to these children.

In Colombia, children risk being forced to sell drugs, be involved in prostitution or join armed groups. They lack professional or educational prospects in a country facing many economic difficulties due to the pandemic.

Despite their difficulties, the children are the hope of their parents and the Church. They represent the future because they can pass on the word of Christ to the next generations.

Those who want to join the initiative can send a message to Keiner, Sneiker and Rubén, whose father was a Christan pastor and was murdered on the 12th of January. There are other children in the towns of Nariño, Tumaco, Arauca, Chocó, Catatumbo, Buenaventura, Córdoba and Cauca, and children living in orphanages.

You can read more and join the initiative here


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