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Abortion pill to be financed by the State in New York City

New York City became the first in the nation to offer abortion pills on the state’s dime last week at a Bronx clinic.

Priest faces prison time for blocking entrance to abortion clinic

Moscinski acknowledged that he blocked access to the clinic so he could “talk to the mothers who were coming in that morning.”  

American adults turn their back to religion

Most of them attend religious services in their childhood.

Hundreds prayed for the recovery of Pelé in front of hospital

“We hope that Pelé recovers, we know that this is a very difficult moment in his life."

Two people from an American parish were murdered

The victims are the former parish priest and and parish employee.

Nativity scene contest launched in Mexico

The initiative is a response to the attempt to ban them.

Tabernacle desecrated, consecrated hosts stolen from a church in Costa Rica

According to the parist priest the “community will recover because the items can be restored.”

Catholic church in Brazil desecrated

28 statues of saints have been destroyed.

US congressional bill aims to protect pro-life pregnancy centers against ‘terror attacks’

Republican politician: “My goal is to foster an environment where no woman feels like their only option is abortion.”