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American adults turn their back to religion

A new report shows that most Americans attend religious services in their childhood, however, growing up they lost their interest in religion.

In a survey conducted in July and August 2022 by Gallup, three-quarters of U.S. adults said that they went to church, synagogue, mosque or temple somewhat regularly as a child. When asked about their current attendance record, just around 40 per cent were in the habit of going.

That being said, visiting a holy place weekly is still the most common mode of attendance in the U.S., carried out by 50 per cent of respondents as children and 22 per cent presently.

Curiously, attending worship regularly as a child is just as big a predictor of adult attendance as it is for shunning it all together later in life. 27 per cent of those who attended (almost) weekly in their early years kept in the habit, while 26 per cent said they never went as adults.

The survey also asked respondents without a religious preference if they were interested in exploring religion in the future. 75 per cent said not at all.

Photo source: Statista

Source: Statista

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