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Life as missionaries-Part4

Interview with Frank and Emily van Dalen about faith, missionary work and their experiences in Pakistan and Lithuania.

Pastor stuck in Egypt struggles to evacuate wife and children trapped in Gaza

Relatives attended the funeral of Gazan Christians killed after an Israeli airstrike hit next to St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church.

American adults turn their back to religion

Most of them attend religious services in their childhood.

The Christmas of Nigerian Christians

There are more things in common between Nigeria and Europe than we think.

Two Christians released from Iranian prison

After denial of pardons, church leaders receive freedom.

Nine Christian prisoners released in Iran

In a landmark decision for Christians in Iran, nine Christian prisoners have been released.

Tortured Pakistani Christian women did not deny Jesus

Many Christian women were tortured by a Muslim gang in Pakistan but did not deny their faith.

Christians in India celebrate first Indian Christian Day

It is historically accepted that Saint Thomas was martyred near Chennai, located in India’s Tamil Nadu state, in 72 AD.

Thousands of Myanmar refugees seeks refuge in India

The U.N. stated that there is an estimated four to six thousand refugees from Myanmar who have fled for safety in India.