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Islamic State attacks intensify during Ramadan

Despite its defeat in 2019, fears are rising that ISIS sleeping cells are again capable of conducting terrorist attacks.

Two Christians killed, two others kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Four churches have been closed since Christians fled the area.

Turkish magazine denies Greek genocide

Yesterday marked the anniversary of the Greek genocide which occurred from 1913-1922 in modern day Turkey

Turkey: Media connected to Christian minority communities in 'dire straits'

Newspapers are facing serious financial shortfall due to distributional difficulties.

Four Iranian Christians jailed who were unable to raise bail

They were charged with taking part in house-church activities.

Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed seventeen people in Nigeria

The perpetrators are even more ferocious than before causing an ever-increasing number of victims.

Iraqi Christians and Muslims join in prayer for an end to the pandemic

"In this difficult moment we need human solidarity and concentrated efforts to eliminate the common enemy."

Religious freedom in Laos: phony legal protection of minorities

Officially, Christians do not suffer any form of discrimination but are often marginalised and arrested for several reasons.

Hungary offers support of medical masks to Christians in Turkey

The donation will be distributed among orthodox communities in Turkey.

Iran: Appeal verdicts expected for Christians

Two Christian converts appealed in court; both are expecting verdicts in the first half of May.