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Suspected Fulani herdsmen killed seventeen people in Nigeria

There has been another attack on Nigerian Christians and the perpetrators are believed to be Muslim Fulani herdsmen. On the 12th of May they ravaged Gonan Rogo village and left seventeen victims dead.


According to a report from the Stefanos Foundation charity, on Tuesday the 12th of May, armed Fulani herdsmen attacked Gonan Rogo village, near Makyali, in Kaduna State. They killed 17 people and left six others injured during the sporadic shooting.

The victims were mostly women and children, among them a three months old baby.

Miraculously the baby survived a bullet that passed through her mother’s heart but injured her soft skull, the report says.

Seven cows were stolen in the attack, the press statement of the Hause Christians Foundation says. The agency also published several photos of the aftermath of the attack. Viewer discretion is advised.

The conflict between Christians and Muslim Fulani herdsmen seems to have intensified in the last few weeks. Some experts say, the struggle is mainly for tillable land; however, it is most likely to have a religious motivation behind it.

Thirteen Christians killed, more than a dozen kidnapped by Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

Photo: Funeral of the seventeen victims. Stefanos Foundation (Facebook)

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