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Another pastor abducted in Nigeria

In May, at least two other priests were kidnapped in Nigeria.

Several Christians kidnapped in Nigeria

In southwest Nigeria’s Ondo State, 17 of 25 church members were kidnapped last Friday.

An attack in Kaduna State makes three fatal casualties

The assailants fired indiscriminately in the village.

A seminarian was killed in his church in Nigeria

Violence and repressive measures targeting Christians have increased in recent years across Nigeria.

Two Catholic priests have been abducted in Nigeria’s Kaduna State

The affiliation of the kidnappers is still unknown.

Christians farmers attacked once again in Nigeria's Kaduna State

ICC urges the US to sanction Kaduna's Governor El-Rufai and his family for his his persecution of Christians.

Fulani herdsmen abduct 46 Christians in Nigeria

The Fulani herders are predominantly Muslim, and extremist herdsmen frequently launch violent attacks against Christian farmers.

A Nigerian priest has been kidnapped by unidentified gunmen and released

Three seminarians were kidnapped and six others injured to varying degrees during an attack perpetrated by unidentified individual

Nigerian secret police to interrogate bishop for criticising the prtesident

The secret police force has a reputation for intimidation and assassination of dissidents, according to the Peoples Gazette.

Nigerian pastor killed in captivity despite paying ransom

Nigeria is the largest killing ground of Christians today, but few are aware of it.