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Nigerian secret police to interrogate bishop after he criticised the country’s president

An outspoken Nigerian bishop has reportedly been called in for questioning by federal secret police after he criticized the country’s president, a Muslim, for his role in the continued persecution of Christians.


In a Christmas message delivered from the Diocese of Sokoto in northwestern Nigeria, Bishop Matthew Kukah accused President Muhammadu Bahari’s government of silence that “only feeds the ugly beast of complicity in the deeds of these evil people who have suspended the future of entire generations of children.” These comments prompted the State Security Service (SSS) to “invite” the Catholic leader for questioning.

“Every day, we hear of a failure of intelligence, yet, those experts who provide intelligence claim that they have always done their duty diligently and efficiently. Does the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria not believe that he owes parents and citizens answers as to where our children are and when they are coming home?” Bishop Kukah asked. “Does the President of Nigeria not owe us an explanation and answers as to when the abductions, kidnappings, brutality, senseless, and endless massacres of our citizens will end?”

The bishop, whose diocese in Kaduna state has been plagued with Islamist attacks by Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen, was subsequently contacted by the SSS, but has so far failed to attend their headquarters for the meeting.

The bishop’s Christmas message, which ACI Africa reported on, accused the government and the ethnically Fulani President Buhari of leaving the fate of Nigerians, particularly abducted children, in the hands of “evil men.”


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