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Church of England bishops remind Christians that "there's light in the darkness"

In their Christmas messages bishops remind UK Christians that that there is hope and peace in God

The life’s work of the martyr cardinal embodies the Hungarian Christian past

A Hungarian minister praised the bishop's life at the Mindszenty statue erected at the Hungarian Calvary in Fátima, Portugal.

Christian groups demand release of a bishop and two priests in Eritrea

"The Eritrean government is yet to give a reason for arresting the clergymen," their statement reads.

An Italian bishop participated in the inauguration of a Masonic lodge

In 2012, the same bishop became the head of the Italian brench of Caritas.

Florida bishop forbids the celebration of ad orientem masses

LifeSiteNews described the decision as an "authoritarian rule inconsistent with current liturgical laws."

Violence against Christians continues to rise in India

India’s Catholic leaders are urged to take action by human rights groups.

Nigerian secret police to interrogate bishop for criticising the prtesident

The secret police force has a reputation for intimidation and assassination of dissidents, according to the Peoples Gazette.

Nominee bishop attacked and shot in South Sudan

Bishop nominee Christian Carlassare was born Northeastern Italy in 1977.

Belarusian authorities canceled the passport of Archbishop Kondrusiewicz

Belarusian President Lukashenko stated that the bishop "entered the list of people banned from entry common to Russia and Belarus"

A tabernacle was stolen from a cathedral in Canada

The rector of the cathedral stated that the thieves had previously cased the cathedral to determine how to break-in.