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An Italian bishop participated in the inauguration of a Masonic lodge

The Masonic House of the Grand Orient of Italy has opened a new entrance to its headquarters in Via Roma in the city of Terni. The solemn ceremony was attended by, among others, the mayor of Terni, Leonardo Latini - and the Catholic bishop, Francesco Antonio Soddu.


The Grand Orient of Italy is a lodge founded in 1805. Its current Grand Master is the journalist Stefan Bisi. The Grand Orient of Italy has almost 23,000 members in over 840 lodges. One of the old Grand Masters of the lodge was Giuseppe Garibaldi.

In 1993, the lodge ceased to be recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England due to accusations of corruption and mafia ties.

The Grand Orient of Italy is the birthplace of the infamous Propaganda Due Lodge, which was also active in the Vatican, especially in the banking area.


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