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Turkish magazine denies Greek genocide

The newspaper Birlik Gazetesi published an article which implied disbelief by referring to it as a “so-called ‘genocide’” in the article’s title, International Christian Concern reported.


The 19th of May is the day of commemoration of the Greek genocide which lasted almost a decade at the beginning of the twentieth century in modern-day Turkey.

Instead of providing an impartial account of the commemoration of the Greek genocide, the Turkish Birlik Gazetesi denied its occurrence altogether by implying that it was a “so-called” genocide, ICC noted.

Even though this series of events is internationally recognised, the magazine suggests that there can be different interpretations.

According to ICC, the Greek genocide was part of a larger attack on ethnic-Christian minorities, including Armenians, and Assyrians. At least 450,000 Greeks were killed during the exterminations, all as part of the Ottoman-era campaign to create a “Turkey for the Turks.”

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