Tag: Genocide

Holocaust Remembrance Day, a duty to stand up against hatred

"Our duty to take a firm stand against hate speech" – declared the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

Nigeria: Islamic terror campaign on Christians

Genocidal murder and terror campaigns by Islamic militants are ongoing in Northern Nigeria.

Summit highlights the investigation of ISIS genocide against Iraq’s Christians

The UN conference highlighted the investigation’s findings regarding ISIS’ targeted genocide against Christians

Armenians face backlash over genocide remembrance

Armenian member of Turkish Parliament Garo Paylan submitted a motion to acknowledge the genocide.

US declares violence against Myanmar religious minority "genocide"

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made the announcement this morning at the symbolically chosen US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Martyrs of the 20th century: the Rwandan genocide

The Rwandese genocide killed 103 priests, 3 bishops, 47 monks, 65 nuns, and thousands of believers.

Indian episcopate announces Day of Mourning on 50th anniversary of abortion law

Initially, Indian law allowed abortion up to the 20th week of pregnancy, but since March it is possible until the 24th week.

78 priests massacred by troops headed by Nobel Peace Prize laureate

The Nobel Prize committee refuses to revoke Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's Nobel Peace Prize despite accusations of ethnic cleansing.

Protesters urge admin. to take action against genocide of Orthodox Christians

The Biden administrations should take action against Ethiopia for genocide of Amhara, Orthodox Chrsitians.

Azerbaijan opens “Trophy Park” celebrating genocideo on Armenian Christians

President Aliyev wore a military uniform at the park’s inauguration, emphasizing the continued posture of combat towards Armenia.