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Martyrs of the 20th century: the Rwandan genocide

Christians remain the most persecuted religious group across the world. Throughout the 20th century, numerous massacres were perpetrated against innocent people who deserve to be remembered as martyrs. They remained faithful to Christ in the midst of the most extreme evil.


Jacqueline was a teenage woman who was murdered in a horrifying way during the genocide of the Rwandese Tutsis in 1994. Her story is as brutal as inspirational.

Jacqueline’s executioner did not kill her immediately. He sadistically cut her hands and feet before leaving here in this state for the whole night. The young woman prayed for hours in atrocious pain. 

The following day, when the killer came back to see if she died, found her praying despite the unbelievable pain. Similarly to Judas, he committed suicide. 

On the 7th of April 1994, a group of radicals murdered the family of Cyprian and Defroza Rugamba – the founders of the Emmanuel Community in Rwanda.

The murderers found them together with the children in a chapel. They shot them and their six children, thus blasting off the Blessed Sacrament.

A week before her death, Defroza wrote in one of her letters: “I know that we are living our last days […] But don’t worry about me, if death comes, I’m ready, I’ve prepared myself.

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