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Tortured Pakistani Christian women did not deny Jesus

Many Christian women were tortured by a Muslim gang in Pakistan but did not deny their faith.


In Lahore City, Pakistan, a gangster named Muhammad Dilshad Dogar and his whole gang warned Christians of that area not to go to Church anymore, stating that those who did would be punished. Despite his threats, the Christian women continued going to Church.

On the 5th of September, Muhammad Dilshad Dogar and his gang attacked the women when they went home from Church. The gang, armed with automatic guns, opened fire on the women and their homes. Then they broke into their residences, dragging both men and women out and beating them on the streets.

Finally, they tore the women’s clothes to the point that there were almost naked. Some of the victims were shot, many were seriously injured and are still in hospital.  These Christians have since declared that they will never deny Christ and will continue going to Church.

Source: Stop Persecution of Christians Facebook group

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