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Fragments of 500-year-old church discovered in Visegrád, Hungary

Pieces of a historic church have been discovered under a tennis court

Liturgical objects stolen from a German church

The police were informed and the objects were eventually returned to the church.

Grieving community finds solace in church following the death of four teenagers

Welsh town mourns the loss of four teenagers who have been killed in a crash

A Belgian church will be turned into a library

A statue of Christ was even recently found in a garbage dump.

American adults turn their back to religion

Most of them attend religious services in their childhood.

Hindu nationalists block the functioning of the Church in India

The Indian government pursues a policy of oppression of religious minorities.

The Amsterdam diocese is to close 60% of all its churches within 5 years

Church attendance among Dutch Catholics has fallen from 80% in the 1950s to only 3%, leading to large numbers of church closusures

Indonesian governments counts on the Catholic Chruch to promote interreligious-harmony

The government of the Republic of Indonesia expects the Catholic Church to promote religious moderation.

Two Sudanese churches are being illegally occupied

The overall situation of Christians in Dudan has been deteriorating for the last few years.

Arson in an abandoned church in Belgium

The alleged perpetrators may have entered the church from the rear.