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Pro abortionists targeted Ohio Right to Life offices with rocks and spray paint

Dozens of pro-life centres have been targeted across the country since a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion signaled Roe V. Wade would be overturned in May, followed by the nation’s highest court ultimately ruling as such in June. For one pro-life organization in Ohio, it has been targeted twice since last month.

“As pro-lifers, we know that our work might cost us something and that very well could be our physical safety,” the executive director of the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio Allie Frazier told Fox News Digital. “I think that it’s important in moments like this for the pro-life movement to be really clear that we’re not going to be intimidated. We will save babies. We will protect women. And we’re not going to let threats of violence stop us from doing that.”


Offices for the Right to Life of Northeast Ohio were most recently targeted on July 8, Frazier said, when at least one suspect was caught on camera lobbing rocks at the building, breaking windows and spray-painting menacing messages. 

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Photo source: FOX News

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