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Pro abortionists targeted Ohio Right to Life offices with rocks and spray paint

The group's executive director says pro-lifers will not give up protecting women and babies.

Catholic school in Ohio damaged in suspected arson

The Thursday fired caused a damage of 1 million dollar.

Ohio passes bill allowing doctors to refuse procedures viloting their beliefs

Last March, Arkansas passed a similar bill to provide conscience protections for the religious objections of healthcare providers.

Six pro-lifers arrested inside Ohio abortion centers

There were about ten other activists outside the clinic in Cuyahoga Falls who did not enter the building and were not arrested.

Ohio city becomes first in state to pass ordinance banning abortion

More than twenty cities in Texas and two cities in Nebraska have passed similar ordinances to protect the unborn.

Abortion activists disrupted a Mass in Ohio

On the 22nd of January, the anniversary of the Roe vs Wade bill, a Mass was celebrated in the Cathedral of Colombus in Ohio.

Ohio government signed bill protecting "religious expression" of students

"Grades and scores shall be calculated using ordinary academic standards", the law says.