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Nick Vujicic encourages American churches to speak up against abortion and porn

40-year-old Life Without Limbs founder expressed concern over the state of many American churches

US Supreme Court broadened religious accommodations in workplace

Issues of religious freedom in the United States have received increased importance in recent years.

A Christian couple was found murdered on 50th wedding anniversary

Investigators say the crime scene showed signs of forced entry

A church was vandalised in Massachusetts

Marblehead Police Chief Dennis King said in a statement that "vandalism will not be tolerated".

A new study reveals which US states are the worst religious freedom protectors

The states that scored highest in regulatory freedom were Oregon (90%), Indiana (88%) and Montana (87%).

Bible removed from Utah school bookshelves for ‘sex and violence’

Utah school district removed the Bible from the libraries, citing passages describing sex and violence

The US is increasingly concerned about religious freedom in India

Local Indian authorities so consistently fail to bring persecutors to justice that many attackers film their attacks,

Biden administration urged to address religious persecution in Vietnam

In November 2022, the U.S. State Department added Vietnam to its “Special Watch List”.

Danville Police arrest man for confessional school arson

The culprit is in the Danville City Jail.