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A pastor was shot during a carjacking

Pastor Clemmie Livingston Jr. of Zionfield Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee, was shot in the mouth by carjackers while preparing for a service last Sunday. His family has disclosed that he is also dealing with cancer.


Kevona Livingston, the pastor’s daughter, informed ABC 24 that the bullet, fired by the carjackers, severely damaged her father’s jaw, complicating his ongoing battle with bone cancer.

The Memphis Police Department confirmed to Fox 13 that the pastor was shot just after 9 a.m. as he exited his church before the Sunday morning service. Despite surviving the attack, his recovery process is expected to be arduous.

According to the pastor’s family, a church member initially heard a car alarm and went outside to investigate, with Pastor Livingston following shortly after. It was then discovered that a carjacking was in progress, leading to shots being fired by the suspects, who were wearing hoodies, as they fled the scene. A member of the church retaliated by firing back at the assailants.



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