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Pro-life activists were assaulted on video outside Planned Parenthood

Pro-life activists who were assaulted outside a Planned Parenthood location in Washington, D.C., say police have so far refused to press any charges against their attackers.



Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and president of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU), and activist Michael Gribbin were offering sidewalk counseling on the morning of July 21 outside the D.C. Carol Whitehall Moses Planned Parenthood location when the attack occurred, according to a PAAU statement.

Bukovinac tweeted the incident began when abortion activists “decided to assault me and another pro-life defender outside Planned Parenthood in Washington DC this morning simply for standing on the sidewalk offering resources to families in crisis.”

According to Bukovinac, the incident began when a woman approached her and threw coffee in her face and hair. When Gribbin went to grab the coffee cup, her male partner in a jean jacket and hat assaulted him.

While the video appeared to have been shot after the altercation began, two men are seen wrestling in the middle of the street while another female appears to physically swipe at Bukovinac.

A man wearing a jean jacket is seen repeatedly punching Gribbin in the back and the head as he struggles to regain his footing. In the video, the man in the jacket then physically confronts the cameraperson.


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