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Christians accused of blasphemy released from jail

The two brothers who were jailed after accusations of blasphemy last August were released from jail recently.

Last August, accusations of blasphemy and desecrating the Quran spread in Jaranwala, Pakistan. This led to an anti-Christian riot and the destruction of 80 Christian homes and 19 churches.

In Pakistan, blasphemy laws are harsh, and if found guilty, the death penalty can also be carried out.  Many times the accusations don’t even have to be proven; an extreme religious mob gathers and violence breaks out.

In this case, the police arrested more than 100 rioters and two Christian brothers on suspicion of having defaced the Quran. The brothers spent their time in jail until their release on February 29. The anti-terror court refused to bring their case to trial, and without a trial, they had to be freed.

The brothers’ lawyer said that his clients are free and with their family.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Wikimedia

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