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Pakistani Christian sentenced to death

The young Christian man was sentenced to death for sharing a post that allegedly resulted in the bloody violence of Jaranwala.

Pakistani woman arrested after blasphemy accusation

The Christian woman was accused of blasphemy over a minor dispute with a shopkeeper.

Proposal for blasphemy law in Bangladesh

The demand for a blasphemy law has been present in Bangladesh for years by Islamic groups and political parties. 

Christians accused of blasphemy released from jail

Accusations of blasphemy led to riots in last August, and two Pakistani brothers were jailed on charges of blasphemy.

A Christian couple was arrested under Pakistan's blasphemy law

This incident, and many others like it, have continued to raise concerns among Pakistan’s Christian communities

Christians are afraid more persecution comes after revision of blasphemy law

British activist warns that stricter statutes will make it harder for innocent victims.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court calls for lenient verdict for blasphemy

Christians have been many times falsely condemned for blasphemy.

Blasphemy laws in Pakistan make yet another victim

Blasphemy laws, which prohibit perceived insults against Islam, can be enforced with harsh punishments.

The voiceless victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

The report provides the profiles of 25 current cases in which 29 Pakistani Christians sit charged with committing blasphemy.