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Pakistani court acquits Christian couple on death row after blasphemy charges

Pakistan is among the worst countries in the world for Christian persecution due to Islamic extremist oppression.

Christian couple convicted of blasphemy “left to die” on death row in Pakistan

Pakistan remaisn one of the countries with the most severe persecution of Christians worldwide.

Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy tortured into false confession

In Pakistan, false accusations of blasphemy are widespread and often motivated by personal vendettas or religious hatred.

The worsening of religious freedom continues in Pakistan

Blasphemy accusations which are so common in Pakistan, can lead to sentences of life in prison and even death.

Christians in Pakistan call on courts to stop the misuse of blasphemy laws

Blasphemy is a concept that ibeing interpreted very broadly and which often leads to terrible injustices.

Two young Christians charged with blasphemy based on false accusations

"I ask you to punish the two men under the blasphemy laws for having published and printed these texts," the prosecutor said.

Islamic leaders defended a Christian nurse, who was accused of blasphemy

"No one should be allowed to take justice into their own hands, nor to abuse the blasphemy laws."

Pakistani court acquits Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy

The court official went on to say that the Lahore High Court also ordered Masih to be released from custody.

Pakistani Christian that was sentenced to death files appeal with High Court

The initial blasphemy accusation against Pervaiz was made by a Muslim co-worker in October 2013.

Christian activists demonstrate against abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Twenty-give Christians, including Asif Perviazare, are currently held in prison on false blasphemy charges.