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Christian activists demonstrate against abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Twenty-give Christians, including Asif Perviazare, are currently held in prison on false blasphemy charges.

A Pakistani Christian was sentenced to death for "blasphemous text messages"

The court’s decision comes almost seven years after the initial blasphemy accusation was made.

Another Christian man has been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan

Between 1987 and 2017, 1,534 individuals in Pakistan have been accused of blasphemy, according to ICC.

Male Christian arrested on blasphemy charges in Pakistan

“It is not possible that the blood of goats and bulls can wash away sins,” Sohail Masih posted on Facebook.

Christian group calls for release of Christian prisoners accused of blasphemy

Prisoners around the world called for a worldwide moratorium on the death penalty during the COVID-19 crisis.

International advocacy vital for victims of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Without international advocacy, individual blasphemy cases move slowly and will often stall within the Pakistani judicial system.