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Christian activists protest against abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws


A day after Asif Pervaiz was sentenced to death for allegedly sending blasphemous texts in 2013, Christian activists staged a day-long hunger strike in Pakistan, to protest against the abuse of the blasphemy laws.


International Christian Concern reported:

‘Shabbir Shafqat, Chairman of the National Christian Party, led a group of supporters on a hunger strike in front of the Karachi Press Club on the 9th of September. The demonstration condemned both the abuse of Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and the death sentence awarded to Asif Pervaiz.

“We strongly condemn the capital punishment awarded to Asif Pervaiz, who is being punished for refusing to convert to Islam,” Shafqat told UCAN. “There was no evidence to convict Asif. No proper investigation was carried out to establish the facts. Police simply acted on false accusations from the complainant.”’

Twenty-give Christians, including Asif Perviazare, are currently held in prison on false blasphemy charges.

Source: ICC

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