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Christian Youtuber in Indonesia arrested for blasphemy

Muhammad Kace, a former Muslim, was taken away by the police from his hideout in Bali on Wednesday, after a series of complaints were filed by Muslims accusing him of blasphemy. His latest sermon video allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad by claiming the prophet was “surrounded by devils and liars.”


He is charged with violations of articles on blasphemy and disinformation under the Criminal Code (KUHP) and the Information and Electronic Transactions Act (UU ITE). He can serve up to six years in prison. According to National Police, he uploaded about 400 controversial videos across various social media platforms, 20 of which have been taken down.

Muhammad Kace is currently transported by police from Bali to the Criminal Investigation Unit headquarters in Jakarta for further questioning.

Philip Situmorang, spokesman of the Communion of Churches in Indonesia, said he hoped there would not be a backlash against Christians. “We hope there will be no repercussions and that society can remain in harmony,” he told UCA News.


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