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Blasphemy allegations continue to haunt Pakistani Christians

Pakistan has witnessed an increasing number of allegations of blasphemy against Christians over the past months, especially since a Quran-burning incident took place in Sweden back in January.


Allegations in the police report regarding the case in Sweden included claims that blasphemous content praised the Quran burning. Police in Pakistan managed to quell local anger regarding the incident in certain areas of the country, but they were unable to fully prevent the recent mob violence that broke out, targeting Christian families, neighborhoods, and churches.

On 16 August, in Jaranwala, Faisalabad, Pakistan, two brothers were accused of desecrating the Holy Quran and insulting religious sentiments. This accusation quickly escalated into a violent rampage, resulting in the destruction of over twenty churches and dozens of homes.

The aftermath left Pakistan’s Christian community in a state of constant fear, with threats of mob justice, false allegations, police arrests, and a lingering atmosphere of trauma for congregants, church leadership, and Christians living in southern Punjab.


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