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Teenager arrested in connection with the shooting of a pastor in Memphis

He recently told of his experience during his first sermon since the shooting.

Indian pastor and his wife are now free to move home

A court issued an externment against them after they were charged with forced conversion.

Chinese pastor was released after seven years in prison

The pastor, arrested in 2017 on charges of illegal border crossing, is finally released from prison.

A pastor was shot during a carjacking

Police currently have no suspects and have not recovered the stolen vehicle.

Pastor stuck in Egypt struggles to evacuate wife and children trapped in Gaza

Relatives attended the funeral of Gazan Christians killed after an Israeli airstrike hit next to St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church.

A pastor's car was set on fire in Italy

Police have been investigating the case using camera footage.

A pastor was arrested yet againt in Minsk

In September 2022, he was arrested and received a fine of 3,200 rubles (about 1,200 USD).

A Christian pastor was beaten unconscious while speaking at a funeral in Uganda

The attack was the latest of many instances of persecution of Christians in Uganda

Relatives killed a christian pastor in Uganda

A 42-year-old pastor in eastern Uganda was dragged out of his house and brutally murdered on the street.

A pastor was killed for his faith by a group of Muslims in Kenya

Pastor Bulwa’s body was found with a deep cut on the forehead.