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An unknown criminal tried to poison an Italian priest during Mass

The recent increase in attacks on the Catholic Church in Italy is likely to add to its ongoing conflict with the local mafia.

A pastor was shot during a carjacking

Police currently have no suspects and have not recovered the stolen vehicle.

Priest attacked inside church premises in India

The priest was attacked by more than 50 young people who were riding bikes during a Friday service.

Catholic priest hospitalized after machete attack in Louisiana

A black Catholic priest was left in critical condition following a machete attack

Yorkshire Building Society closes Anglican minister's bank account

Yorkshire Building Society accused of bullying after closing church leader's bank account over transgender comments

Priest and parishioners attacked by a homeless woman in Rome

Don Guido Panella forgave the woman but was quite shocked by the incident.

Polish priest hit in the face by drunken teenager

The young man was arrested a week ago because, among others, he broke windows in another local church.

Catholic priest brutally muredered in France

There are no reports about what will happen with the culprit from now on.

A drunken man attacked a Catholic priest with an axe in Poland

The police have already arrested the perpetrator of the attack.