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Satanic Temple wants to send chaplains to public schools in Florida

Recently introduced bills in the Florida Legislature aim to permit volunteer chaplains to offer counseling services in public schools. However, The Satanic Temple has threatened legal action if its members are excluded from participating.


The proposed Senate Bill 1044 and its counterpart House Bill 931, already approved by the Florida House of Representatives, would require school principals to inform parents about volunteer chaplains and provide a list of them, all subject to background checks.

Parents can then choose from this list and grant written permission for their children to receive counseling. The Satanic Temple advocates for their chaplains’ inclusion, emphasizing the importance of non-discrimination based on religious affiliation.

Lucien Greaves, co-founder of The Satanic Temple, criticizes the bills, asserting they aim to introduce religious instruction and “proselytizing evangelism” into Florida’s public schools.


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