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A man who vandalised churches with Satanic symbols was arrested

A report by the Family Research Council reveals that there were nearly 70 attacks on church buildings in the United States.

US Satanists open their own clinic designed for the "sacrament of abortion"

American Satanists are particularly active in their ideological goal to make the murder of the unborn something commonplace.

"The Devil's Advocate" was released 25 years ago

The film grossed over $153 million in the box office and won the Saturn Award for Best Horror Film.

Satnic graffiti discovered in Austrain church

The vandals also sprayed an angel's face red.

Satanists devastate a cemetery in Melbourne

"Corpses were the main target of the perpetrators," Inspector Ben Jarman informed journalists,

Relics of St. John Paul II have been stolen from a French church

The parish priest fears that the relics could be used for occult or even satanic practices.

School district defends decision allowing "After School Satan Club"

The Satanic Temple launched a nationwide After School Satan Club to counter Christian student organisations in public schools.

Increase in thefts of consacrated hosts in the days leading up to Halloween

On the 10th of October, a consecrated tabernacle with the hosts was stolen from a convent in Toledo.

Satanist tags on the Church of Latter-day Saints in Syracuse (Utah)

Inverted crosses, and what appeared to a pentagram, were spray-painted on the front of the church.

Satanic murder reported in Southern France

The killer was shot dead by the police.