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US Satanists open their own clinic designed for the “sacrament of abortion”

The paradigm of American "religious freedom" reaches its most gloomy dimension, for which it is difficult to find words to express the scale of cynicism of evil using this democratic loophole. A satanic sect, legalized as a religious association, has just opened a center where unborn children will be murdered as part of the "sacrament of abortion".


The Satanic Temple – known e.g. of the lawsuits against the state of Texas, whose Catholic governor has shown exceptional consistency in combating abortion genocide, has moved its infanticide offensive to the state of New Mexico.

It was there that a bloody shrine was opened, which was given the name “Mama Samuel Alito’s Satanic Abortion Clinic”. It is supposed to offer “services” in the field of “religious abortion”, in accordance with the previously expressed belief of local devil worshipers that the murder of a child in the mother’s womb is a “religious ritual” or even a “sacrament”.

On the occasion of the trial against the Texas authorities, Satanists emphasized that in the case of women, the murder of an unborn child is a basic element of initiation into the cult of Satan. Hence the cynical and perverse as well as bizarre explanation that limiting infanticide is against the freedom of religion guaranteed by the 1st Amendment to the Constitution.

The disgusting gesture of using a reference to the mother of Judge Samuel Alito in the name is commented on by the co-founder of the sect, Malcolm Jarry. “In 1950, Samuel Alito’s mother had no choice, and look what happened. Prior to 1973, doctors who performed abortions could lose their licenses and go to prison. The name of the clinic is to remind people of the importance of having the right to control their own bodies and the potential consequences of losing that right, she says.

Samuel Alito is a Catholic Supreme Court judge who wrote the groundbreaking opinion that – voted by the conservative majority in this body – led to the invalidation of the old abortion precedent Roe vs. Wade.


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