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Satanists devastate a cemetery in Melbourne

Random passers-by informed the police about the devastated graves. After the intervention, it turned out that the skulls had disappeared, and a crucifix and a letter to Satan were left at the monument.


While visiting the Melbourne cemetery, random passers-by noticed two devastated resting places. Traces left on the monuments indicated that the criminals broke in and ransacked the graves, which is why the concerned Australians notified the police.

After inspecting the place, the officers confirmed that the unknown perpetrators had found the remains of the deceased and removed the skulls from the coffins.

“Corpses were the main target of the perpetrators,” Inspector Ben Jarman informed journalists, explaining that the crime was most likely committed by a group of Satanists.

It is already the second such incident in the last few days, as the administrators of the cemetery report. 

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