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Christian delegation prompts action on violence in India

A delegation from the United Christian Forum presented a full report on violence against Christians in India

Christian in India Charged with Human Trafficking

A Christian educator in India charged about fraudulent conversion of eight Christian students.

Violence and assault in Manipur: Christians persecuted in India

A disturbing video from Manipur went viral, depicting the assault of two women from the Christian Kuki tribe.

Christian pastor and his family attacked and left unconscious in India

A Hindutva Mob violently attacked a Christian family and left them unconscious in North India

Christians in Pakistan Flee Homes after Blasphemy Accusation

Accusation of blasphemy compelled Christians fearful of Islamic retribution to flee their homes in an eastern city in Pakistan.

Christian presumed dead emerges from the morgue and forgives attackers

A Christian man believed to be killed in Manipur regained consciousness in the hospital morgue

Persecuted Christian Hebem flees Manipur violence

Persecuted Christian Hebem flees Manipur violence.

Praying Christian woman murdered by armed ethnic Meitei in Manipur

Domkhohoi Haokip, a Christian woman in her 60's was killed whilst praying in her church on Friday.

Christians targeted in ethnic conflict in Manipur

"This violence is the worst in the history of Manipur" says Archbishop Dominic Lumon.

Pastors imprisoned, churches closed in India

Hindu extremists jail pastors, close churches in India