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Living conditions petition signed by half a million Indian Catholics

Kerala’s Catholic Congress organized the “Survival Journey” petition because of the living condition issues affecting the population in Kerala state.

The petition, “Survival Journey,” was organized by Kerala’s Catholic Congress. Its goal is to call attention to issues that affect the lives of the locals in Kerala state. They raise various issues, such as wild animal attacks and unemployment.

About half a million Catholics signed the petition, asking the government to take action. Among the issues mentioned are preventing wild animal attacks, paying government pensions punctually, providing financial support to farmers, and ensuring employment.

Even though the petition has already been submitted, and the government has made promises, nothing has changed. Catholic leaders voiced their concerns about the government’s lack of serious action to solve the issues.

Kerala state is located on the southwest coast of India. In the Hindu majority state, Christians make up 20% of the population, majority of them belong to the Syro-Malabar Church.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: MAZUR

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