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Abolition of Easter holidays upsets Indian Christians

The Government of Manipur state decided not to treat Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday as holidays. Christian leaders and believers slammed the decision, saying it adds more fuel to the ongoing conflicts. 

The government in Manipur state, India, made the decision that Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday are working days. This decision met the disapproval of the Christian community, which makes up 41% of the population. The order came on March 27 that all government offices, autonomous bodies, and societies under the state government have to work on March 30 and 31.

Church officials say that this decision further suppresses the Christian minority. The Christian community is already suffering from the riots that broke out on May 3 last year. The conflict has already cost  219 lives; about 50,000 people are still living in relief camps, and 350 places of worship have been damaged.

A church leader said that the government decision

seeks to further suppress the already victimized Christians in the state.”

The United Christian Forum (UCF) also raised its voice in the matter. They called for the withdrawal of the unconstitutional decision. The UCF pointed out that, because of the high percentage of Christians in the state, many believers won’t be able to attend Easter celebrations.

Source: UCAnews

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