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Priests and nuns support women’s rights in India

Priests and nuns joined more than 2,000 women to help their cause, demanding the insurance of women's rights and ending crime against women ahead of the national elections in May.

In the city of Varanasi, India, more than 2,000 women gathered and released a women’s manifesto. Catholic priests and nuns also joined the women, calling for equal rights and ending the crime against women in the country.

According to the 2022 statistics of the National Crime Records Bureau, in that year only, crime against women increased by 4 per cent. That includes abduction, assault, and rape. The offenders, in many cases, are family members and husbands.

The gathering and manifesto took place ahead of the national elections in May. The participants asked the political parties to curb gender-related violence, including foeticide, and ensure protection and equal rights for women.

Source: UCAnews

Photo: Adam Cohn

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