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Priests and nuns support women's rights in India

Catholic priests and nuns joined more than 2,000 women to end crime against women and ensure women's rights.

Burmese nuns forced to flee military junta in Myanmar

The current situation demonstrates the daily suffering that many Christians throughout Myanmar.

Martyrs of the 20th century: the massacre of Tibhirine

In 1995 alone, terrorists form the Islamic Armed Forces operating in Algeria murdered nearly 20 priests and nuns.

Nuns ask Supreme Court to stop New York's abortion healthcare mandate

In 2016, the Supreme Court vacated lower court rulings against the Little Sisters of the Poor back to the lower courts.

Benedictine nuns targeted by shootings in Missouri

A convent of Benedictine nuns in rural Missouri is raising money to build a fence around their convent after shooting attacks.

A nun has been kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti has been going through a severe socio-economic crisis for years, leading people to despair and insecurity.

Mozambique: the nuns who were missing for 24 days are safe and sane

The two nuns were found safe and sound, but do not want to make any public statement.

A missionary nun travels around India on a motorcycle to help people

Sister Shobka Rani Talari is not a conventional nun; she is moving around India by motorcycle to help people in need.

Biden says nuns inspire him to run, plans to sue Little Sisters of the Poor

He pledged to force one religious order to provide birth control, sterilizations, and abortifacient drugs to their employees.