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A nun has been kidnapped in Haiti

Last Friday, a nun from the Congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Teresa of the Child Jesus in Port-au-Prince was kidnapped by a group of criminals. Bishop Pierre André Dumas of the Diocese of Anse-à-Veau / Miragoâne called for an immediate end to "those disgusting and inhumane acts on the land of Haiti."


For over a year now, the inhabitants of the country have been harassed by armed groups that spread fear and terror in some districts of the capital, and for some time also in other cities.

Catholic volunteers and religious congregations no longer know how to distribute the little help at their disposal to those most in need, so as not to be attacked, robbed or forced to pay a ransom.

The Confederation of Haitian Religious has already issued a series of appeals to the authorities, asking them for at least a minimum of security and coherent action in the fight against corruption.


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