Tag: Kidnapping

Gunmen kidnap 32 people from southern Nigeria train station

The kidnappers took 32 people, one has already escaped.

An Orthodox priest has been kidnapped in Ukraine

Russia's invasion of Ukraine does not seem to get even slightly closer to an end.

Thirty students freed after seven months in captivity

2021 saw several large-scale kidnappings as armed groups realise its effectiveness in raising cash through extortion.

Twelve remaining missionaries kidnapped in Haiti finally free

It was unclear on Thursday if any ransom was paid to release any of the missionaries.

China releases kidnapped Catholic bishop

The authorities also blocked entry to the Catholic cemetery in Wenzhou to prevent Christians from praying.

At least some of 17 missionaries kidnapped in Haiti still alive

The gang leader threatened Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry and the chief of Haiti’s National Police.

Haitian authorities identify gang behind the kidnapping of 17 missionaries

Local unions and other organisations were planning to launch a strike Monday to protest the country's worsening security situation

Abducted Christian killed during rescue mission

Nigerian Christians are regularly confronted with life-threatening violence from Fulani herdsmen.

Gunmen break into home and beat two Christian girls and kidnap one

The inaction of the police left the family in a state of shock.

Father Pierluigi Maccalli visits Fatima to “thank Mary” for his release

On the first Sunday of August Father Pierluigi Maccalli visited the shrine of Fatima in Portugal.