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More than 600 people abducted in Nigeria last week

Terrorist groups kidnapped about 687 people in Northern Nigeria this week.

Several Christians kidnapped in Nigeria

In southwest Nigeria’s Ondo State, 17 of 25 church members were kidnapped last Friday.

The number of Christians kidnapped and murdered is on the rise in Nigeria

the Nigerian government remains silent on this burning issue.

The kidnapping and killing of children continues across the Sahel

Armed groups have repeatedly attacked schools and food reserves and are targeting children for recruitment.

A 23 year old christian woman has been kidnapped in Egypt

Marina from Qena, Egypt has been kidnapped and forced to convert to Islam

A Christian leader fled kidnapping in Sudan

Christians in Sudan, and Darfur in particular, are increasingly experiencing persecution from Muslim extremists.

Kidnapped head of Church released

The head of the Methodist Church was kidnapped on Sunday in Nigeria.

Six people kidnapped in university attack

On Tuesday, gunmen raided the staff quarters of the University of Abuja in central Nigeria and kidnapped six people.

Christian woman shot by her daughter's rapist

Christian woman who tried to protect her kidnapped daughter was shot five times by her rapist.