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Three missionaries killed in Haiti

They were killed during a gang ambush in Port-au-Prince.

Armed gangs stormed seminary in Haiti

The armed group took over and vandalized one of the largest religious centre of learning in the country.

Priest and religious held in captivity by gangs in Haiti

Six religious brothers and a priest were kidnapped on Friday in the Haitian capital.

Haitian bishop injured in an explosion

Bishop Dumas suffered injuries as a result of an explosion but is in stable condition.

All six abducted nuns were released in Port-au-Prince

Six nuns and two laypeople were released after armed men abducted them on January 19.

Six nuns kidnapped by armed gunmen

The attackers took over the bus on which the nuns traveled, took them hostages, and drove off.

Kidnapped nurse and daughter still missing in Haiti

The nurse was busy caring for patients in a small brick clinic when armed men ambushed the site and took her captive.

Claretian missionary kidnapped in Haiti released

He had spent ten days in captivity.

Twelve remaining missionaries kidnapped in Haiti finally free

It was unclear on Thursday if any ransom was paid to release any of the missionaries.

Two kidnapped missionaries freed in Haiti

The kidnapped Christians range in age from an 8-month-old baby to a 48 year old.