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Priest and religious held in captivity by gangs in Haiti

In Port-au-Prince, in the midst of gang wars, six religious brothers and a priest were kidnapped. The religious community urges their immediate release. 

Armed gang members took six religious brothers and a priest hostage on February 23 in Port-au-Prince. The six religious brothers belong to the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. They were kidnapped by an armed group while travelling to the only operating school in the high-risk area of Port-au-Prince downtown.

The same day, after celebrating Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Fatima, a priest was also taken away by gang members. The Haitian religious community urges the release of the hostages.

These are the latest cases in the long line of kidnappings amid the gang wars in the country. The violence caused by political instability and insecurity has already taken many lives, and kidnappings are not a rare sight.

Bishop Pierre-André Dumas’s health condition has reportedly improved after surgery. Bishop Dumas was injured after an explosion hit the house where he was staying in the capital. He is expected to be transferred to a hospital in Miami.

Haitian bishops often plead and continue pleading for the restoration of security. They also ask Haitians not to resort to violence.

Source: Vatican News

Photo: Digital Democracy

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